Software solutions

Our software solutions for your requirements!
Individual - efficient - suitable

A capture and sorting system only works as economically as its intelligence allows. SWISS SORT, with its experienced IT team and very high level of know-how, innovatively implements a wide variety of shipment processing scenarios with professional software solutions tailored to the customer's needs for successful processing. Our systems are equipped with these solutions and can also be controlled by a comfortable and easy user interface for the operator.

Our software solutions, can be designed and combined individually for you:

Incoming goods, intralogistics VARIA
Outgoing goods CARRIER
Consolidation  CARRIER
District, stop, sequencing (dynamic and/or static) CARRIER
System software PROLISTIC - RECEMAIL
OCR handwriting reading PRO-SCRIPT
ERP system / customer billing software ISI


Based on decades of experience, we offer convenient solutions that have been perfected in practice and can be applied and combined in any way to achieve the highest benefit for our customers.

Further individual solutions

Our IT team is also able to implement individual software requirements for you. 

Special requirements, especially in the eCommerce and logistics segment are quite common. We are always open for new and innovative ideas for a perfect implementation. Together with our customers we have already developed various special applications. 

or this very reason, SWISS SORT has specialized in customer-specific and individual solutions. We focus on efficiency! Thanks to decades of experience of our development team, we are therefore the ideal partner for you. 

Just contact us - we will be happy to advise you.


Interfaces or connections to other software and ERP systems can of course be implemented. For example CodX, PROMAIL, OLIS, SUSE, NETSORT, or in-house SW systems.