Parcel data capture station with OCR

The ProPac parcel capture system, the latest addition to our workstation family, is specifically designed for the tracking and processing of parcels. With its advanced technology features, the ProPac addresses the specific needs of the eCommerce segment and other services faced with the variety and size of shipments.




  • Calibratable weight recording: Guarantees precise and reliable weight data for every shipment, essential for correct invoicing and logistics planning.
  • Image capture: For detailed documentation of each consignment, supports quality control and facilitates tracking.


  • Barcode reading including separation card recognition:
    Optimises sorting and distribution processes by quickly scanning and allocating parcels


  • Visual format input:
    Enables quick and accurate input of parcel dimensions, significantly increasing the efficiency of parcel processing. 


  • Flexible interface: In addition to integrating state-of-the-art hardware, the ProPac offers a direct connection to parcel service providers. This function facilitates data exchange, improves shipment tracking and supports the efficient transfer of parcels to the next stage of the supply chain.

The ProPac is the "little brother" of the PROCAP station, with the added ability to process large parcels efficiently. Thanks to its height adjustability from 60cm to 140cm, the ProPac adapts perfectly to different working environments and operator requirements, which promotes ergonomic working methods and therefore employee satisfaction.

Advantages of the ProPac system at a glance::


  1. Efficient expansion of processing capacities for parcels
  2. Calibratable weight recording
  3. Image capture and comprehensive barcode reading incl. separation card recognition
  4. Direct connection to parcel service providers for seamless logistics processes
  5. Height adjustability for ergonomic working and improved working conditions
  6. Use of a mobile data capture device for flexible data capture

Technical equipment options

  • OCR reading (mobile via handheld) for machine and handwriting reading
  • BCR camera 1D, 2D
  • Separation card recognition (mobile via handheld)
  • Calibratable scales
  • Visual format entry
  • Label printer for printing barcode, UPOC, sorting information, logo, etc.
  • Table automatically height-adjustable
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Connection to parcel service providers


  • Recording from eCommerce shipments to parcels
  • Mobile recording via mobile phone
  • Transparent and ergonomic
  • Table automatically height-adjustable


With the ProPac, we offer an advanced solution that not only saves time and money, but also raises the quality and transparency of parcel processing and tracking to a new level.

Fast recording is possible thanks to the perfect software interaction of all hardware components. 


Perfect ergonomics round off the system benefits. For example, the system can be automatically height-adjusted on request
(to a sitting or standing desk)




Table size    

1000 x 610mm

Object size 660 x 550mm
Throughput  Detection < 1 second


Voltage  220V / 230V
Current  3 Amp
Frequency  50-60Hz



Temperature  10°C bis 30°C
Humidity  Up to 95% non-condensing
Space requirement  Ab 1 x 0,7m