Data acquisition and sorting systems

Every distributor or service provider and logistician is unique!  


Whether the target sorting in the incoming goods, in the intralogistics, or in the outgoing goods, whether in the daily consignment quantity and the consignment mix, in the consignment condition or in the area available for processing and above all the narrow time window for processing, which is available. We support your entire logistics chain in the area of hardware and software with the highest benefit for you.


Our aim is to make the most efficient choice of a system together with you and according to your individual requirements. Our aim is your success.


Our capture and sorting systems are easy to operate, extremely powerful, smooth-running, modular and, above all, reliable. That's why we offer optional warranties of 5, 10, or even 15 years on our systems. This creates technical as well as calculatory security for our customers. Our goal is a functioning partnership.