flexible use - efficient - cost-effective

The E-SORTER - capture and sorting system is an efficient and cost-effective eCommerce sorting system. Equipped with all highlights, it corresponds to the latest developments in order to reliably process shipments of any kinds.

In the segment of maxi letters, polybags, merchandise shipments, open and foiled goods, China goods and parcels, we have specialized in offering and professionally implementing capture and sorting solutions for this mix of shipments in intralogistics.

For example, the E-SORTER for e-commerce shipments offered by SWISS SORT stands out due to its cost-effective, secure and modular design. All benefits, such as "bottom-up" or "top-down" OCR, triangular volume and thickness measurement, calibratable scales, integrated labeler, as well as perfect control in containers, sacks, bags, etc. can be put together as desired.

Compared to other market players, the E-SORTER is a cost-effective solution that enables a payback of less than 4 years for as few as 1,000 shipments per day. The E-SORTER is therefore the ideal dynamic system for large, medium-sized and smaller locations at parcel and eCommerce logistics companies, as well as mail service providers who are new to the eCommerce/goods shipment segment.

  • Among the many highlights of the E-SORTER system, it should be emphasized that it is possible to work with 6-page reading and labeling from the bottom up and/or from the top down. This makes processing much more flexible.



Technical equipment options

  • OCR machine and handwriting
  • Barcode / BCR 1D, 2D & Postnet
  • Online video coding
  • Calibratable dynamic scale
  • Volume measurement
  • Reject module
  • Status display on LED screen
  • Label printer


  • Double-sided control, thus extremely compact
  • Accessible, quiet & ergonomic
  • Up to 80x120x50cm and 50kg
  • Up to 7.200 items per hour
  • Optionally with labeler or calibratable scale
  • OCR/BCR camera with video encoding
  • Laser 3D dimension measurement
  • Ideal from 4.000 shipments per day
  • Up to 100 outsourcing (one-sided or left + right)
  • High transparency 
  • (displays for machine operators and machine assistants with LIVE information)
  • Modular and individually configurable


Among the many highlights of the V-SORT system, the precise, reliable and low-noise direct box filling at high speeds for mixed mail/large letters with REAL fill level display is worthy of special mention.


Direct box filling eliminates the need to remove letters from the compartments. The ECHT fill level display (via large displays above the system) also optimizes the system assistant's walking distances. Both reduce further costs!




Feeder table Standardkapazität: 1410mm, erweiterbar auf 2700mm
Standard tray Kapazität 381mm
Throughput standard/compact Bis zu 30'000 Briefe pro Stunde
Throughput Large letters Bis zu 24'000 Briefe pro Stunde
Noise level < 72dBA



Breite Minimum  90mm
  Maximum 254mm
Dicke Minimum  0.178mm
  Maximum 15mm (18mm with slides)
Länge Minimum 100mm
  Maximum 330mm Standardfächer
  Maximum 381mm Rutschen



Voltage  415 VAC 3 phases
Current  15 - 45 Amp pro Phase
Frequency  50Hz
- or-
Voltage  208 VAC 3 phases
Current  30 - 90 Amp pro Phase
Frequency  60Hz



Temperature  10°C to 30°C
Humidity  Up to 95% non-condensing
Space requirement  From8.10 x 2.20m